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  • Enezenn al lavar

    Erik Orsenna

    • Preder
    • 26 Décembre 2005

    Hentet gant ar barzh ha boemer an Aotrou Herri e kantre al lenner war diriad strobinellus Kêr ar gerioù a-gevret gant Janedig, an danevellerez, dek vloaz, hag he breur henañ Tomaz, pevarzek vloaz. Er gêr-se eo dezrevellet en un doare skañv ar c'hramadeg hag ur vuhez a blijadur o deus ar gerioù : emdreuzwiskañ, emlivan ha dimeziñ a reont.
    En compagnie de Janedig, 10 ans, la narratrice et de son frère aîné Tomaz, 14 ans, le lecteur se promène dans la ville des mots, un territoire magique dans lequel les guide Monsieur Herri, un poète et magicien. Là, les règles s'énoncent avec légèreté et les mots mènent leur propre vie : ils se déguisent, se maquillent et se marient.

  • From new apps on our cellphone to car-sharing, from the invasion of drones to the reorganization of production lines, from tweets to digital tablets and procreation methods, from genetic manipulations to nanotechnologies, innovation is everywhere.
    It has penetrated and turned upside-down all the economic, social, cultural and political sectors.
    Nothing escapes it. Nothing can survive without it. Permanent innovation, that headlong search for the new, is the originality of our period.
    What world are we living in?
    How can we find our way in a profusion like this?
    How can we evaluate the meaning and usefulness of this general and growing agitation of our societies?
    What universe is being prepared?
    For three years, at regular morning sessions, we invited the most diverse personalities: heads of major groups and startup creators, scientists and philosophers, elected officials and physicians, foreign and French experts in many fields. They tackled every subject: the energy and digital transitions, the biological revolution, green mobility, new towns, those consumers who have become actors.
    Everything moves! Montaigne was right: «Our world eternally turns around.» Here is a modest contribution to the portrait of our modernity.